News of the Club

15/10/2018 New Vice Chairman Onboard

The Club & ACIC have newly engaged Mr. Eric Poon being the Executive Vice Chairman of the Club.

Please click here for viewing Mr. Poon's profile

30/8/2018 - Club Activity in Q4 2018

 Platinum Equity  initiate one on one meeting request.  Interested party, please contact the Club

 Veritas Capital  initiate one on one meeting request.  Interested party, please contact the Club

Belt and Road SME Alliance will  host collaborative event with the Club on 6/12 in Lee Garden.  Interested party please contact the Club.

1/5/2017 - Appointment of Key Executives

 The Club & ACIC have appointed new key executives  Mr. Ko Fong and Ms. Mandy Lau to manage the routine operation. 


External consultants not from the sell side are engaged in FinTech and BioTech opportunities exploration.

For detail, please contact 

27/9/2017 - New Entity

The Club being a special group in AFO has been actively engaged in facilitating the co-investments by members.

Viewing the immense needs of AFO members and connectors, a private limited company - Asia Co-Investors Club Limited  (ACIC) is now established to take up all facilitation functions.

AFO will continue to administer the membership and manage the member relations.  The Club will continue being a sub-group of AFO while ACIC will act as profit taking entity that manage the club deal facilitation where coinvestors continue to own their investment decisions themselves.